Where Can I Find Demi-Glace?

At the Napa Rose Cooking School Chef Andy recommended using frozen demi-glace from Bonewerks (this is what he uses at home). It is all natural, concentrated and frozen. It’s rather expensive to purchase from their web site ($20 / pound with a 5 pound minimum). I found it at a local European butcher shop, Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad, California for $12.95 / pound. They have veal, pork, chicken and lobster demi-glace. To use it as stock just heat five parts of water with one part demi-glace. Of course, you can always find your own veal bones and make your own stock from scratch (the way they do at Napa Rose).


5 responses to “Where Can I Find Demi-Glace?

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