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Perfect Rice Recipe

I have a confession to make: I have not been very good about cooking rice. It either comes out watery, gummy or scorched. Those days are now over since I have found this recipe on the New York Times cooking site. I have made it many times and the rice comes out perfect every time.

Note: To get the lid on the pot to fit tightly, I take two lengths of aluminum foil, fold it a few times and wrap it around the lid of the pot before I put the cover on.

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Risotto Rice: Arborio versus Carnaroli

I took a risotto cooking class at Il Forniao in June, had a great time and learned how to improve my risotto cooking technique. The risotto we made in the class was wonderful. The risotto rice that is easiest to find in America is arborio. You can get it in any supermarket in the rice section. What I didn’t know is that there are two other types of rice that make a better risotto: vialone nano and carnaroli. One of the secrets the chef mentioned was that at Il Fornaio they only use carnaroli rice. Armed with this recommendation I decided to see if there was a marked difference. Continue reading

Chicken Risotto with Pan Roasted Corn

This variation of risotto is perfect for summer. The caramelized corn gives it a hint of sweetness that is accented by the mascarpone cheese. I roast the corn in a skillet but there isn’t any reason you can’t grill the ears of corn and then take the kernels off. Finally, I suggest you use white corn if it is available as it is sweeter than yellow corn.

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